In a short span of time, Sweer Has become synonymous with just about any component that has to do with air-conditioning and refrigeration. The company is in a prime business location in Baghdad.& Branches in Erbil & Basrah additional to distributors in all Iraqi Provinces

We are one of the most reputed distributors and stockists of a wide range of component, spares and tools for the industry.

Our reputation is not without reason. We deal in only the best brands from world’s well-known companies who manufacture state-of-the-art products. As an acknowledgement to our commitment,

We have a long list of satisfied clients including some of the most reputed firms in the Iraq.

Now Sweer it is representing and marketing for more than 20 European companies in the Iraq.

It’s main field of work is refrigeration & Air-conditioning both commercial and industrial. Executing projects for cold-rooms and cold-stores, supermarket and hypermarket refrigeration as well as shelving.

The Staff

Sweer staff is more than 50 personnel. Technicians, Engineers, sales people are working permanently in the company to provide the best service for their customers.


1. Well trained and dedicated employees.

2. Fully automated and computerized operations. All locations connected through WAN.

3. 18 years of proven experience

4. World renowned brands.


1. 12,000 sq ft of office and showroom in prime location in Baghdad. ERBIL & BASRAH

2. 60,000 sq ft of built up warehouse area in Baghdad.

3. 17 Distributors in all Iraq provinces

4. Company has its own fleet of trucks for deliveries.